Is your child developing well for their age? Do you know what to expect next? Learn more about developmental milestones.

6 months At 6 months, many children...

  • respond to own name
  • respond to other people’s
  • emotions and often seem happy
  • copy sounds
  • like to play with others, especially parents

12 months At 1 year, many children...

  • use simple gestures, like shaking head “no” or waving “bye-bye”
  • say “mama” and “dada” and exclamations like “uh-oh!”
  • copy gestures
  • respond to simple spoken requests

18 months At 11/2 years, many children...

  • play simple pretend, such as feeding a doll
  • point to show others something interesting
  • show a full range of emotions, such as happy, sad, angry
  • say several single words